The Story of Wanda and the New York Pizza Burger

There's a fat teenage girl in all of us. Her name is Wanda, she likes the Jonas Brothers and she smells of bacon. Sometimes (all the time) Wanda gets hungry. And when Wanda gets hungry there's this familiar question that always pops up in her head: Pizza or Hamburger? (Or hamburgers really, because seriously, Wanda is huge.)

This has always been a bit of a dilemma for Wanda. I mean Pizza or Hamburgers? That's like choosing between losing your virginity and butter flavored pop tarts!

But good news Wanda! You don't have to choose anymore. Because the new awesome Whopper Bar, owned by Burger King and located on Times Square, has come up with the oh-so-innovative idea of crossing a hamburger with a pizza! Say hello to the New York Pizza Burger!

I know this is awesome news for your inner Wanda - now, she doesn’t have to cry over Justin Bieber's absence while lying on her bed anymore. She can just lie on the New York Pizza Burger while doing it.

Now, this is what you call super food.
Wanda's Sugar Daddy

Wanda's new bed.