Radiant Skin: Maybe You Were Born With It?

Picture perfect skin seems reserved for Cosmo magazine models. For the average person however, glowing skin can be yours at any age if you exfoliate, hydrate, and exercise! After the age of 30 your skin will look the way you have treated it. 

You are not born with radiant skin, but you can achieve it with consistent attention to a skin care program. Regardless of your skin type [oily, dry, combination, normal, and sensitive] if you maintain a healthy diet, an exercise program, and a skin care routine you will have glowing skin.

As we age and achieve milestones our skin changes too! Here are a few rules to apply for each age milestone:

1.      Adolescents: 13 – 19 Age Group
At this stage your body is experiencing rapid changes.  Hormone imbalances are primary causes of acne problems.  Attention to hygiene and diet are priorities. Your routine should include:

§  Facial wash
§  Light exfoliating cloth or buff (acne prone skin)
§  Astringent or toner (acne prone skin)
§  Light moisturizer at night (during the day-SPF15)
§  8-12 glasses (8 oz.) of water
§  Outdoor exercise

 2.      Young Adult: 20s -30s Age Group
At this stage your body has balanced out most of the hormonal adjustment of teenage years.  The result is  a tendency toward a combination skin type. As less collagen and elastin are being produced to keep away wrinkles, your skin strategies should now include:\

§  Make up remover (natural alternative—olive oil on damp cotton)
§  Alpha/beta hydroxyl acids face wash and milk cleansers
§   Day moisturizer (UVA & UVB protection)
§  Night moisturizer infused with antioxidants (vitamin E) or retinol
§  Twice weekly home peeling masks [or once monthly professional facial]
§  Exercise 3 times a week for at least ½ an hour
§  Hydrate with 12-16 glasses (8 oz.) of water

3.      Middle Adult: 30s – 40s Age Group
At this stage your skin starts to lose its suppleness and fine lines appear.  A drier skin texture with rough patches and blotches are present. Your skin care routine should include:

§  Olive oil (eyes) or milk to remove makeup
§  Alpha/beta hydroxyl acids for exfoliation
§  Day cream with collagen stimulating creams and a serum (UVA/UVB protection)
§  Night cream with retinol
§  Once weekly home based facials
§  Exercise more frequently and hydrate regularly

4.      Mature Adults: 50s, 60s, 70s Age Group
At this stage the signs of aging are more pronounced. Increased loss of elasticity shows around the eyes, mouth, and neck.  Your skin care strategies should include:

§  Oil free face wash
§  Gently exfoliators
§  Rich moisturizers and serums (ROC, Oil of Olay)
§  Hydration with fluids and twice weekly facial mask (aloe plant is excellent)
§  Exercise: outdoor daily walking is ideal

Your skin is on display to the world every day and your age can often be judged according to its condition. Glowing, clean skin is attractive at any age and is a good indicator of health from inside out!

“Nothing will work unless you do!” Maya Angelou