Keeping and Regaining Natural Hair Color

Do you ever go to the mirror and see a gray hair on top of your head and just want to yank it out? It can happen when you are young and middle aged as well as when you are older. And, nobody wants to lose their natural hair color, but everyone has a certain age when they will most likely start to have gray hair. So, is there any hope of keeping your natural hair color longer or reversing gray hair? What are the alternatives? Most people choose to dye their hair when this dilemma starts to happen.

There are some natural solutions that you can try in order to: not have your hair color turn gray so fast. You might think that having hair turn gray is your genetic fate, but it is possible to increase or decrease this likelihood. You can have premature gray hair at a young age, or you can regain your natural hair color back at an older age. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Avoid Sugar - Sugar depletes vitamins and minerals. And, when that happens, you won't have the various essential nutrients that your body needs to help you keep your natural hair color. It has also been found through various studies, that regular white table sugar is a form of narcotics, like alcohol. It gives people an initial high and can be very addictive. Have you ever seen someone who has been     alcoholic? They tend to look a lot older than their actual age.
  2. Use Sprouts as Part of Your Daily Meal Plans - There is a lady named Ann Wigmore who was able to regain her natural hair color back through growing and eating sprouts. She wrote a book called Sprouting, where she explains all the benefits of sprouts and how to sprout various types of seeds. Sprouts have a much higher degree of nutrition than the original seed. They are alive with enzymes, and are very usable by the body. She and others have followed a raw diet plan which includes sprouts, and they were able to get their original hair color back.
  3. Eat Foods that are High in Minerals - Getting enough nutrients in your diet will help you have the proper nutrition and healthier head of hair. Getting your minerals through supplements is one of the worst ways to increase minerals in your body. Many of these supplements are nothing more than powdered rocks. They aren't recognized by the body as a digestible form of food. It's far better to get your minerals from foods you eat. Plants are able to assimilate the minerals from the ground, and humans assimilate the minerals from the plants in a natural form. The two best food sources for extra minerals are dark greens and molasses.                              
  4. Learn How to Handle Stress - Too much stress in your life can bring on some premature aging, unless you learn how to deal with it effectively. It's important to do whatever you can to maintain good health. Working too much and not sleeping or relaxing enough is not good. Having too many worries about the choices your children make can really tax your mental health. If you don't learn some helpful coping strategies this can be aging. People joke about stresses causing them to get gray hair, and it's really true.
  5. Take a Brisk Walk for 30 Minutes Daily - Exercising daily will do a lot to promote youthfulness, reduce the risk of diseases, and even help to prevent premature aging. People that exercise everyday feel happier and have a more youthful glow and energy. Active people get proper circulation, which helps to fight off free radicals.
The best strategy for maintaining natural hair color, as long as possible, is to practice healthier eating, exercise regularly, get sufficient sleep, and have a positive mental attitude. If you already have gray hair and would like to reverse it, try an improved diet that includes plenty of sprouts and raw foods.

About the Author: Janet Hailstone is a nutrition and cooking instructor for Community Education at Dixie State College in Southern Utah. She has a blog at and recommends Treadmill Coupons deals on youthful exercise equipment.