Positive Effects of Meditation on The Mind and Body

The benefits of meditation have proved to be successful for so many people. Let’s take a look at the ways meditation can help your mind and body.


Meditation positively benefits the mind by allowing us to concentrate and focus better. This has the same effect of a magnifying glass. It helps to bring problems closer and make them more profound allowing for clarity to help resolve them. With consistent meditation, you begin to learn how to control your mind from being interrupted by the motions and sounds going on around you if you are trying to focus on a project or task. You learn to shut out those motions and sounds, keeping your focus right where it needs to be.


Meditation will allow the body and mind to be more aware of every moment of your life. You begin to focus more on what is happening and why, versus living your life as if you were a robot. Every day, minute, and second will seem longer and will feel more fulfilling.


Meditation allows you to raise your own tolerance levels. Things that you didn’t think you could handle or that you were not so tolerant of before will seem easier and more tolerable. Your level of patience will be much higher and your body and mind feel a sense of calmness and happiness.


Your intelligence increases as you meditate. When you begin meditating, the neural connections are formed in the mind and allow you to think better and more clearly.

Creativity and Spontaneity

When we think, we usually think about the future or the past. What that does is covers up our natural ability to think creatively and spontaneously. If we learn through meditation how to make our mind silent, we see that the potential to create comes back to us. Quieting the mind allows us to feel inspired and meditation can do just that.

Some of the greatest thinkers in the world and famous scientists made the most significant discoveries when they took the time to absorb themselves into nothing but their work. They exclude everything else but their focus on work and were able to come out with many masterful thoughts. Meditation can do that to us as well, helping us to unlock our own potentials.

Body Benefits

There are many benefits to the body as well through meditation. It has been proven that there is a reduced level of blood lactate when meditating which is what causes many feelings of depression and anxiousness. Blood pressure has been known to lower itself during and after meditation. Human growth hormones are increased which help maintain youthfulness and longevity of life. The hormones in our body that make us happier and feel better, serotonin and melatonin, are increased through the process of meditation.

Meditation is easy to do and once you get into a routine it won’t seem to be a bother to your schedule. So many people spend hours at the gym helping their bodies so why not try meditation for that as well? Keeping our mind in good working condition and feeling relaxed is just as important as keeping our bodies in shape.

Yolanda Tyler writes about health and fitness. She also recommends using health insurance for great rates for every budget.