The Posture Benefits of Riding a Cruiser Bike

When it comes to body posture and biking, cruiser bikes for women are ideal for the female form and shape. If you practice cruise biking and commuting your comfort is of utmost importance. The last think you would want is an uncomfortable ride, especially if you will be making use of your bike on a daily basis.

Even though cruiser bikes aren't designed for exercise, you will still be burning calories by making use of this form of transport. Any form of exercise, no matter how subtle is good for your body. But if you are doing an exercise wrong, it might be damaging as well. This article will take a look at the body posture benefits of cruise bikes.

Body Benefits

Apart from posture benefits, cycling has numerous other aspects which are great for your body. Riding a bike will definitely help you with your strength training, cardiovascular fitness, endurance as well as balance and stamina. Biking as an exercise can be a full body workout, even if done just 20 minutes a day along the beach side, you will feel more energized and in form.

Back Pain

It is said that cycling can also help you ease the discomfort of back pain. People with severe back pain tend to take up cycling to minimize and decrease the pain. A lot of the time back pain can be a direct result of long term 'bad' body posture. Without realizing it you might be slouching at your desk or not sitting on a chair that gives your back enough support.

When you are cycling you are strengthening the muscles around your spinal cord which will help your body posture. If you sit and walk up straight your body looks better and you might even feel more confident.

Take it slow

Cruise bikes are particularly ideal for those suffering from bad posture or back pain, because it teaches you to take it slow. The idea is not to put your body under more strain than it already is. You won't be racing or speeding on a cruise bike, but you will be introducing your body to that upright position. It might feel strange at first, but as you get used to it you will feel your body asking you to sit upright even when you aren't biking.


The fact that the handlebars are shaped rather differently than that of spinning and mountain bikes forces the rider to sit in an upright position. The handlebars are far apart and level will the bike, with your arms further apart, your back will be forced to form a straight line. This positioning on the bike will assure that the back is rather straight and that you won't be leaning forward for or downwards. Because the handlebars are the height of your torso, this will lead to sitting upright maintaining a good body posture.


A lot of people got back injuries from sudden jolts or too many movements when riding a tractor/bike or even hurt their bodies in a car accident. Cruise bikes enable your body to move gently and in motion. There are no sudden jerks shakes on a regular basis, the cruising is thus good for the movement in your body. When recovering from an injury, this movement can be very important and beneficial for your posture.

Even it out

Cruiser bikes encourage you to sit up straight and thus evenly spread your body's weight where as a mountain bike can cause strain to the other parts of your body. If you have a mountain bike you will be positioned slightly forward causing strain on your arms, neck and joints. In order to maintain good posture you will have to do extra strength training in those parts of the body. Because the cruiser is designed for sitting upright, you won't be adding extra strain to your other body parts.

Even though cruiser bikes are very beneficial for body posture, it is still important to talk to a professional, and have them check the structure and settings on your bike before riding. If you do have back problems it would be advised to talk to your doctor before you start biking as a form of exercise. At the end of the day it's about looking after your body and the environment- and cruiser bikes help you to do both in one ride.

Article written by Anneke Steenkamp, a guest author for Cruiserbikes. Cruiserbikes is the best supplier for quality cheap beach cruisers!